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Jul 13, 2023 fastcron.com

Silver plan update

On October 6, 2023, I will convert all Silver accounts to the new Indie plan:

  • $2 per month
  • 5,000 daily executions
  • 50 1 recurring cronjobs
  • 1 user

I will also increase the cron timeout limit from 300 seconds to 7,200 seconds, and cron logs from 60 results to 120 results. Compare the plans here.

This Indie plan is currently at $5/month for new users.

Silver plan New plan
Price $10/year $2/month
Daily executions 3,600 5,000
Recurring cronjobs 3,600 501
Cron timeout 5 minutes 2 hours
Cron logs 60 120
Failure logs 5 20
Archived cron logs - 7 days
Custom user agent - yes
Retry failed executions - yes
Webhook notification - yes

I will update the expiry date and/or make an extra payment according to the price difference.

To get a special deal, downgrade, or cancel your subscription, visit the Billing page.

  1. If the account has more than 50 recurring cronjobs, I'll set the limit to 120% of the current usage.  

Thuan Thuan · 15d · 357

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