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Jul 13, 2023 fastcron.com

Disconnect Google account


You can now remove your connected Google account at the Profile page. It'll be useful in case you want to connect to another Google account or transfer your account to another.


Thuan Thuan · 2d · 32

Refer a friend with email


If you know a friend who may need FastCron service, please refer them. They'll get a 15-day free trial, and you'll get 20% of their payment forever.

To get your referral code and stats, visit the Refer a Friend page. profile

If you know their email address, you can invite them directly.


Thuan Thuan · 8d · 167

Free plan update


You can now renew your free plan every 60 days (previously 30 days) by signing in with your Google account.

Thuan Thuan · 9d · 183

Silver plan update

On October 6, 2023, I will convert all Silver accounts to the new Indie plan:

  • $2 per month
  • 5,000 daily executions
  • 50 1 recurring cronjobs
  • 1 user

I will also increase the cron timeout limit from 300 seconds to 7,200 seconds, and cron logs from 60 results to 120 results. Compare the plans here.

This Indie plan is currently at $5/month for new users.

Silver plan New plan
Price $10/year $2/month
Daily executions 3,600 5,000
Recurring cronjobs 3,600 501
Cron timeout 5 minutes 2 hours
Cron logs 60 120
Failure logs 5 20
Archived cron logs - 7 days
Custom user agent - yes
Retry failed executions - yes
Webhook notification - yes

I will update the expiry date and/or make an extra payment according to the price difference.

To get a special deal, downgrade, or cancel your subscription, visit the Billing page.

  1. If the account has more than 50 recurring cronjobs, I'll set the limit to 120% of the current usage.  

Thuan Thuan · 15d · 357

Unlimited business

The Business plan now has unlimited users and unlimited recurring cronjobs. You can also choose to upgrade to unlimited daily executions at $250/month.

Thuan Thuan · 16d · 387

ProductHunt launch

Hi there,

FastCron is on ProductHunt right now.

If you have an account at ProductHunt, please upvote and share your reviews.
Any support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Nguyen An Thuan.

Thuan Thuan · 24d · 560

🚀 FastCron on ProductHunt

Hi there,

Thank you for using FastCron 👍

I will launch FastCron on ProductHunt on August 28th, at 12:01 AM PDT. In case you don't know yet, ProductHunt is a platform to launch products, and consumers come to find the latest and greatest in tech.

If you have an account at ProductHunt, please upvote and share your reviews on that day.
Any support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Nguyen An Thuan.

Thuan Thuan · 4w · 610

Slack message format


I've added the instruction to set up Slack's incoming webhook on the Slack page, as well as fixed the Slack message to follow their markdown style.

The fail notification message should display correctly now.

Slack markdown

Thuan Thuan · 8w · 614

The legacy team account


I've found and fixed a bug that updated your account's member limit incorrectly.

It occurred in the legacy accounts with the team option (e.g. Platinum team, Diamond team). The affected accounts were already updated.

If you have a legacy team account and see a member limit of 1, please let me know and I'll check it.

Thuan Thuan · 8w · 623

Unlimited plan


Update: The unlimited plan is now Business Unlimited.

You can now visit the Billing page and upgrade your account to the Unlimited plan at $250/month.

It has all the benefits of the Business plan. It has no limit on daily executions, recurring cronjobs, and team users.

8w · 637

Referral program update


Referral code is now available to both free and premium users.

Free users will be renewed for one month each time a new user signs up using their referral link.

The referral URL has been updated to use the r instead of the ref parameter.

The referrer will get a bonus of 20% from payments in the first year forever. The bonus will be listed on the Billing page. It will be used to renew your account immediately.

Free users who received the bonus will be renewed as if their account is at $12/year. For example, if you refer a customer who pays $25/month, you'll get a $5 bonus each month, which will renew your free account for 5 months.

8w · 629

Viewer / Read-only team member


You can now invite/add a team member with a Viewer role.


Viewers have read-only access. They can view cronjobs, but can NOT edit/delete/disable/run them.

8w · 635

Enable login throttling


A common brute-force attack against web applications consists of an attacker submitting a login form many times with the hope of eventually guessing the password of some user account.

One of the best countermeasures to these attacks is called "login throttling", which denies a user from attempting logins after a certain number of failed attempts.

From now on, FastCron allows only 5 login attempts per minute.

8w · 619

Run another cronjob after execution


You can now run another cronjob after a cronjob's successful execution. You should also disable the target cronjob if you want it to completely depend on the source cronjob.

This will double the daily execution count in the source cronjob. The feature is available in the premium plans.


8w · 622

Downgrade to free

Your account will be automatically downgraded to free 1 month after its expiration.

You can also choose to downgrade your account when it expires or has less than 7 days remaining.

Please note that free account requires monthly renewal by logging in with your Google account.

8w · 621

SetCronJob is now FastCron


I've renamed SetCronJob to FastCron. The new homepage is now https://www.fastcron.com/.

The blog domain has been changed to blog.fastcron.com.

The help center is now at support.fastcron.com.

The default user agent has been changed to Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; FastCron/1.0; https://www.fastcron.com/).

Emails will be sent from support@fastcron.com and alert@fastcron.com.

The new API endpoint is now https://www.fastcron.com/api/v1/.

If you encounter any problem with this change, please let me know.

Thuan Thuan · 10w · 327

FastCron IP addresses list

We are using several servers to process your cronjobs.

Here are our IP addresses:

Our IPv6 addresses:


Please make sure that we can reach your script URL from these IP addresses. For Cloudflare, see How to whitelist FastCron's IP addresses in Cloudflare

If you want to receive email notifications when we update our IP list, please log in to FastCron, visit Account > My Profile, click Update profile, and check the box Receive FastCron server IP addresses notifications.

You can fetch our IP list at https://www.fastcron.com/ip.txt (all IP), https://www.fastcron.com/ipv4.txt (IPv4 only), https://www.fastcron.com/ipv6.txt (IPv6 only).

8w · 635

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