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Jul 13, 2023 fastcron.com

November 2023 Update


Hi, here are some changes in this November:


  • The Gold plan has been discontinued. Please upgrade your account before its expiry date.
  • Recurring cronjob limit has been added to the Platinum and Diamond accounts. No action is required.
  • The free account is now free forever. No action is required.
  • You can now choose multiple servers to execute your cronjobs from. If you choose Any server, it'll be executed from any server.


  • The API rate limit has been removed. It's advised to send up to 5 API requests per second.
  • The timezone select box is now searchable.
  • Password field now can be toggled (show/hide password).
  • After adding a new cronjob/group, scroll to the newly created item.
  • Add links to upgrade your account to enable premium features (custom HTTP headers and user agent string, single instance, retry failures, output pattern matches).
  • You can now apply account settings (timezone, server list) and apply to all existing cronjobs.


  • Stop sending emails on payment of $0.00
Thuan Thuan · 14w · 1512

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