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Jul 13, 2023 fastcron.com

Ignore HTTP errors

See List of HTTP status codes.

If your cronjob URL returns an HTTP status code other than 2xx, FastCron will mark the cronjob execution as failed.

When editing your cronjobs, you can check the box HTTP error: Ignore redirects (3xx) and server errors (5xx). This will make FastCron ignore HTTP status codes 3xx and 5xx, and continue to execute your cronjob as usual.


FastCron will no longer ignore 4xx errors and will mark your cronjob as failed.

2 Thuan Thuan · 11w · 1110

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Ron @FastCronRon

@Thuan I have jobs that hit a protected endpoint that returns HTTP 401 and a special message. They've been working fine for several months then stopped working yesterday. I'm worried that "FastCron will no longer ignore 4xx errors and will mark your cronjob as failed." broke my checks. Since these are protected endpoints HTTP 401 is the correct status code. Can you add another check like "Ignore redirects (3xx) and sever errors (5xx)" for "Ignore status code" because I inspect the response body to determine if something has failed.

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Ron @FastCronRon

Thank you for improving the feature to now include "Ignore redirects (3xx), client (4xx) and server errors (5xx)" My jobs are running correctly again!

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