Hi there, this is the official changelog page of FastCron.

Jul 13, 2023 fastcron.com

FastCron IP addresses list

We are using several servers to process your cronjobs.

Here are our IP addresses:

Our IPv6 addresses:


Please make sure that we can reach your script URL from these IP addresses. For Cloudflare, see How to whitelist FastCron's IP addresses in Cloudflare

If you want to receive email notifications when we update our IP list, please log in to FastCron, visit Account > My Profile, click Update profile, and check the box Receive FastCron server IP addresses notifications.

You can fetch our IP list at https://www.fastcron.com/ip.txt (all IP), https://www.fastcron.com/ipv4.txt (IPv4 only), https://www.fastcron.com/ipv6.txt (IPv6 only).

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