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Jul 13, 2023 fastcron.com

Platinum and Diamond recurring cronjob limit


On November 19, 2023, I will add a recurring cronjob limit to the Platinum and Diamond accounts.

No action is required. Your existing cronjobs will continue to work fine.

Recurring cronjobs are cron jobs that run repeatedly. Disabled, failed, and one-time cron jobs don't count.

It'll be the same as your yearly price. If you have a Platinum plan at $50/year, you can add up to 50 recurring cronjobs. If you already have more than 50 cronjobs, I'll adjust the limit so it can accommodate your usage and some more.

If you need more recurring cronjobs, you can get a special deal on the Billing page.

Thuan Thuan · 26w · 3034

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